Friday, March 11, 2011

I Enjoy Staying At Sandals Resorts

My introduction to Sandals Resorts was at Sandals Royal Bahamian in 2004.

The first thing I noticed was the friendly, smiling faces and being greeted by any of the staff members to include the landscaping staff. After staying at the resort for several days many of the staff knew our names. Of course the water activities were great and the food delicious, but it was the staff that really made me enjoy staying at Sandals Royal Bahamian.

What impressed me the most about the staff was their willingness to go beyond a simple request. We had a funny incident that was the result of a miscommunication. We had taken food back to our room, but failed to take utensils to eat with. We saw a housekeeping staff member in the hallway and asked about “flatware”. They were very ready to assist us. About 15 minutes had passed and we thought they had forgotten us, but then we heard a knock at the door. When we opened the door the staff member was there holding plastic wrap. They thought we had asked for “flat wrap” to wrap our plate of food and had gone to the kitchen and acquired some plastic wrap for us. When we realized what had happened we explained we wanted “flatware” or in simple terms a fork. We all chuckled over the miscommunication and we thanked them immensely for going all the way to the kitchen for us.

There wasn't a hesitation to assist us even with what they thought was a request for plastic wrap to cover our plate of food. It was that willingness to make a guest happy that made me truly enjoy my trip.

Since that time I have had the opportunity to stay at several other Sandals and Beaches Resorts. I have found that each time we stayed it was the staff who made our experience a terrific one. Vacations aren't always perfect and things do go wrong, but when you stay at a resort where the staff puts your happiness and enjoyment first it makes all the difference in the world.